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Sunday, 29 March 2020


Hi and welcome to my blog. The blog is all about horticulture, landscaping of gardens, floriculture, rootstock multiplication, procurement of high density m9, m7, mm106 apple plant materials. Besides that i will  share health tips and skin care tips with you.
As we know the beautiful landscapes never fails to amaze us. Blooming of flowers ,setting of fruits,senesenceof leaves and the falling of snow is so perfectly optimized by god that we never feel change we are with flow. God has blessed humans with such priceless gifts we should conserve our greenery. All of us have became materialistic, hardscapes may fantasize us but they can never provide us peace of mind the ultimate peace is in the arms of nature.
          As you know we all are facing the catastrophic act by nature ( COVID-19)
do u feel it would have been happened if we were not altering the constancy of nature.

The answer is definitely no because human has became very cruel on animals , the nature and the result is the present condition of world. Super power countries have bent their knees on ground in front of an invisible virus. This is a call from nature that shows us our existency. I would like to conclude with with these words 'dont be human beings be being humans'. I hope u liked my first blog drop some love thanking you all ☺.

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