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Sunday, 9 August 2020

Three Months Online Program on Entrepreneurship Development and Skill Building - PROGRAM ACTIVITIES.

               ⚜ Activities of the Program ⚜       

As we mentioned in the previous Blog about the program lets have a look about the ongoing activities conducted online via Zoom Meeting app.

Before starting, here are some of the highlights of Vision and Mission of Lemon School of Entrepreneurship.

⚜ Lemon School is a new initiative by well-known start-up mentorship & innovation organization Lemon Ideas. 

⚜ It is part of larger mission of LEMON to nurture 1000 entrepreneurs and create 100 ventures by 2020. 

⚜ This would create 50,000 jobs for aspiring educated youth. 

⚜ Lemon is presently mentoring 20 start-up ventures across India.

    This would be first of its kind school for the entrepreneurs and created by entrepreneurs where major emphasis would be on Do-It-Yourself and Experiential Learning. The program would address various aspects of venture creation, Ideation, Validation and real life Immersion, Technology usage apart from knowledge based management subjects. Experiential Entrepreneurship and Innovation program which will take participants through sessions comprising theory, practical, on-job training and real time business experiences.

     Let this blog make globe aware about the Fabulous proceedings of the Online programme (2nd ,3rd ,4th and 5th) sessions:

Second and Third Session:

The topics covered in these two sessions were marvellous that is ;

What is enterprenuership?

Who is enterprenuer?

When to be an entrepreneur?

How to be an entrepreneur?

      The sessions were so interactive as if students felt they are the ones leading the session.   

Respected Mr.Mukesh Ashar Sir made students aware about the big benchmark between Business( profit) and enterprenuership(innovation).

   The motive of these two sessions was to broaden our mind and enlighten students how to shape their ideas into innovations

Fourth and Fifth Session:

4th and 5th session were meant to take a step ahead towards being a goal setter.

Students came to the difference between dream and goal . Respected speaker enlightened students “complete your dreams by setting your goals.”

In the 5th session ; 

Students learnt Priority Management:

     Lets conclude this blog by making you aware about that the Lemon school of Entrepreneurship has taken the Responsibility of youth by shaping their ideas into attributes let me end this blog by LSE slogan;

“Let us explore, let us enjoy, let us execute ,

Chalay Sang Sang Lemon k Sang”

Thank You.

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